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Privatization of the Electricity, Oil and Gas Sectors

Existing Law, Government Policy and Privatization Practice in Indonesia (in Indonesian language)

Volume 1 of the series "Studies of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia" (MKRI), written bei members of the Research and Studies' Center of the MKRI unter the guidance of Winarno Yudho.

Privatization policy as applied in many countries is a consequence of globalization and aims at both increasing and improving the value and the performance of an enterprise as well as promoting the role of society in participating in business. The privatization of the electricity, oil and gas sectors has an enormous influence on the society and its needs. In contrast, the privatization of enterprises in other sectors affects the society to a much lesser extent, as the energy sector is commonly related to as a matter of national interest more than other business sectors.

For this reason this research intends to analyze the origins of privatization in a global context. The analysis consists of a comparison of privatization developments in other countries. Furthermore, the history of economic and privatization policies in Indonesia is being presented. In addition, the authors analyze the application of privatization policies in legal drafts and law interpretations.

KAS and the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia (MKRI) have been working together scientifically since 2003 already. The cooperation focuses on constitutional law research of cases before the court. In the framework of this research series MKRI and KAS will publish from time to time relevant and interesting analyses done by the academic staff of the MKRI.

Excerpts from the Contents:

  • Introduction

  • Privatization: History and Development

  • History of Privatization in Indonesia

  • Analysis of the Practice of Privatization Policy in Indonesia

  • Summary and Recommendations