Event Reports

Workshop to strengthen the potentials of female employees of the SATPOL-PP-units

Workshop to strengthen the role, skills and competencies of female employees of the SATPOL-PP units (regional order police). The foundation of the since 2014 lasting cooperation between KAS and the Indonesian Ministry of Home Affairs KEMENDAGRI is a project line for training leading SATPOL-PP staff.

Satuan Polisi Pamong Praja (SATPOL-PP) is part of the regional administrative machinery. Their function is to enforce governmental orders and to ensure public order and social peace.

On the Ministry of Home’s invitation about 60 women employees of SATPOL-PP from different provinces of Indonesia came together in Jakarta for the three-day workshop. For the first time a workshop out of this project line was exclusively addressed to women.

Regarding assertiveness at work, women employees of SATPOL-PP are often recognized as acting more reserved compared to their male colleagues. At the same time women are attested to have better negotiation skills in situations of conflicts. As a minority in a job dominated by males SATPOL-PP women should be trained in conflict management and constitutional frameworks, sensitized for human rights and the interaction with minority groups and should be encouraged in their very personal skills.

Usually ordinary citizens face the government in form of the SATPOL-PP, for what reason their behavior effects the perception of the state itself. Therefore the workshop participants where trained in the special role of SATPOL-PP for the implementation of valid laws and their behavior in front of the local media.

The content framework of this workshop was built of two topics: Acceptance and self-confidence. Female employees of SATPOL-PP should experience equal acceptance in the vocational practice. They should assert themselves like other colleagues and they should be aware of their personal potential, pointing on potentials like the ability to nonviolent and verbal conflict solving. The past showed a positive impact if women employees taking a mediating role in situations of conflicts. For this reason the women of SATPOL-PP where trained intensively in negotiating skills, de-escalation and handling of bigger crowds.