Debating Matters to us 2020 Online Tournament

This year, KAS Israel partnered with EcoPeace Middle East, DM2US and the Swedish International Development Agency to build and implement a three-day tournament final focusing on some of the most pressing environmental issues affecting Israel and the region.


From June 14-16, the 12 finalist teams, from schools as far apart as Haifa in the north and Eilat in the far south, met on Zoom, in line with coronavirus restrictions. They went head-to-head on three environmental motions: “Water Scarcity in Israel Cannot Be Solved with Technology,” “Climate Change is the Greatest Security Threat to Israel,” and “This Generation Owes a Duty to Future Generations to Preserve Natural Heritage.”

Ohad Davidow, debate educator and director of the DM2US online tournament, said, “Debating is an amazing way to encourage students to engage with each other on important matters such as current environmental issues. Debating Matters to Us motivates students to critically research these issues from all sides and form reasoned arguments in order to participate in challenging, interesting and informed discussion.”

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