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Expert conference

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Education for Democracy in a Divided Society

The Israeli Case


Education for Democracy in a divided society

The Israeli case

Expert conference

Annual Conference on National Security and Democracy

November 23–24, 2021 Israel Democracy Institute

Expert talk

European Roundtable

Israel and Europe during the Corona pandemic – Impact on Life

Expert conference

Democracy, Trust and Mistrust

A virtual conference

Expert talk

Understanding Germany's Upcoming Elections

KAS Israel and the Israel Council on Foreign Relations cordially invite you to a in-depth conversation


Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation Open Day 2021

„Politics and trust“

The work of the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation: focusing on participation, representation, security, and innovation.


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Arab Leadership Program with Shaharit

Opening Ceremony

Study and Information Program

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Tech2Peace and KAS Alumni Dialogue Seminar

Dialogue Seminar with Google4Startups


Fighting Hate from Home

The Day after COVID 19 Pandemic

Together with the Anti-Defamation League, KAS Israel is hosting a series of discusions on how the ADL is standing up to antisemitism and extremism by sharing facts and showing strength

Reality Check for the "Future Vision" Documents

KAS/KAP Conference

One year ago Arab intellectuals and members of several NGOs in Israel met and published a number of documents under the title of "The Future Vision of Palestinian-Arabs in Israel". The documents present a completely new position of Israeli Arabs vis-à-vis the State of Israel. The phrasing aims no longer at the submissive integration into Israel’s Jewish society hoping for equal treatment in return. On the contrary, it challenges the Jewish character of the State of Israel demanding the acknowledgement of the Arab minority as an autonomous entity with a particular culture and separate laws. These documents received divided attention. First, they were discussed in public, before – intentionally or not – public interest faded away. However, KAS and its Konrad Adenauer Program for Jewish-Arab Cooperation understood this as a watershed event in the history of the Arab citizens of Israel and possibly for the character of the state. Therefore, we decided to closely follow the repercussions of these documents on a continuing basis.

A Landmark for Freedom and Justice

Symposium on the the Contribution of the Eichmann Trial to International Criminal Law

Hardly any other case tried in an Israeli court has had as far-reaching implications as the 1961 Eichmann trial. This was emphasized during a symposium organized by KAS Jerusalem and its partner, the Minerva Center for Human Rights. International experts and approximately 200 participants discussed how the trial influenced the development of both international criminal law and socio-psychological identities in Israel and the world. The symposium was held to honor Gabriel Bach, the deputy prosecutor in the Eichmann trial, who celebrated his 80th Birthday. Justice Bach has been a close partner of KAS Jerusalem for many years.

Israel, Deutschland und die EU

Vortrag von Botschafter Kindermann

Auf Einladung des Helmut-Kohl-Instituts und der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung sprach am 20. Dezember 2007 der deutsche Botschafter in Israel, Dr. Harald Kindermann, vor Studenten der Hebräischen Universität Jerusalem und weiteren Gästen über ein Thema, welches zum Kernbereich der Projektarbeit der KAS in Israel gehört: „Israel, Deutschland und die EU“.

Towards an ever closer Partnership

KAS/CSEPS/MFA Workshop on Future of EU/Israel Relations

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, the Centre for the Study of European Politics and Society at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in cooperation with the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs are holding a series of round tables which aim to come up with new ways and models for an ever-closer partnership between Israel and the EU under the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP). It includes five two-day workshops which focus on the issues of: climate change; higher education; economic relations and industrial cooperation; approximation of legislation, norms and standards and immigration.The first workshop in this series of round tables focused on the subject of economic relations and industrial cooperation. It brought together a group of experts in specific economic fields who reflected together on the next steps in strengthening the Israeli-European relations. The recommendations and policy-oriented papers of this forum will be submitted to the EU-Israel reflection group and thus will contribute to the formal process of further economic integration between the parties.

Erinnerung als Basis besonderer Beziehungen

KAS-Seminar für israelische Journalisten in Berlin

Wie geht Deutschland heute mit der Erinnerung an die Diktaturen, vor allem an die Nazi-Herrschaft und die Vernichtung der Juden, um und welche Auswirkungen ergeben sich daraus für die Politik? Dies war eine Leitfrage für das Programm der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, zu welchem sie 15 israelische Journalisten vom 2. bis 9. Dezember 2007 nach Berlin einlud.

Looking beyond the Paris Donors’ Conference

KAS/IPCRI Economic Working Group

Prior to the donors' conference in Paris a joint team of Israeli and Palestinian business experts met at the invitation of KAS Jerusalem and its partner IPCRI on Dec. 11, 2008 to analyze and discuss the "Palestinian Reform Development Plan" (PRDP) which was presented to the donor community. A central issue was the question how this positive plan is actually feasable and where to set priorities.

Successful Beginning of the Classroom Program on Civic Education in Jordan

Visit to Jordanian Schools participating in KAS/EU project on Civic Education

Since the beginning of the new school year 2007/2008, five Jordanian schools from Hesban, Amman and Zarqa are applying the Classroom Program on Civic Education, developed in the framework of the EU co-funded project "Utilizing Middle Eastern Civic Education as a Leverage for Peace" which is implemented by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Jerusalem together with its partners in Israel, the Palestinian Autonomous Territories and Jordan.

Friedensprozess in der Bevölkerung verankern

KAS-Heskem-Seminar für israelische und palästinensische Nachwuchsführungskräfte

Mit den neuen Chancen für den Friedensprozess im Nahen Osten nach dem Gipfeltreffen von Annapolis beschäftigte sich ein Seminar für israelische und palästinensische Nachwuchsführungskräfte, das KAS Jerusalem und ihr Partner Heskem vom 6. – 9. Dezember 2008 in Antalya abhielten. Teilnehmer waren: Mitarbeiter von Knesset-Abgeordneten, israelischen und palästinensischen Ministern, Mitgliedern des palästinensischen Parlaments, des palästinensischen Präsidenten.

Simulating the European Parliament

KAS-HKI Workshop

The subject of Human Rights in Iran is a sensitive issue for the European Parliament members, and though there is a clear consensus on the fact there are severe human rights violations in Iran, the question how to deal with the human rights violations in Iran is very controversial both between political groups, as well as within political groups. Thus, on December 2nd, 2007, in cooperation with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, 19 students of the European Forum and the Helmut Kohl Institute for European Studies of the Hebrew University participated in a challenging exercise of simulating the European Parliament debate and resolution on breaches of human rights in Iran. The students stepped into the shoes of Members of the European Parliament, and had held a heated debate on the situation in Iran, and the proper EU response, attitude and action vis-a-vis Iran.

Facettenreiche Einblicke und neue Kontakte

Israel-Reise des RCDS

Eine hochrangige Delegation des Rings Christlich-Demokratischer Studenten (RCDS), des Studierendenverbandes der CDU, hat jetzt Israel besucht. Für die Gruppe um den Delegationsleiter Matthias Kutsch, Bundesvorsitzender des RCDS, organisierte die KAS Jerusalem eine Reihe von politischen Terminen, darunter ein einstündiges Gespräch mit Minister Jacob Edery und Treffen mit drei weiteren Knesset-Abgeordneten. So hatte die RCDS-Delegation Gelegenheit, viele Facetten der israelischen Politik und Gesellschaft aus erster Hand kennenzulernen.