Event Reports

Seminar: Skills For YPFP in a Changing World


The project addressed issues relating the Israeli-European relations and the rising challenges in the international system in a series of discussions and workshops for a group of young Israeli and European foreign policy professionals.

This seminar served to wrap up the three-part series of workshops the participants attended, and aimed at adding a more practical and skill-oriented component to the series. The participants were given the opportunity to broaden and enhance their professional skills and abilities in communication with two experts, Dr. Eyal Gruss and Lior Shoham.

Mr. Arik Segal, founder and ambassador of YPFP (Young Professionals in Foreign Policy) Tel-Aviv welcomed the participants and stressed the importance of acquiring new skills in an ever-changing environment. He introduced the first speaker, Dr. Eyal Gruss, a machine learning researcher and expert on deep learning on image, text, music and video data. In his talk he focused on an introduction to deep learning, a subfield of Artificial Intelligence (AI). He pointed out how in recent years developments in that field have been advancing very quickly.

The second speaker was Lior Shoham, an expert on facilitating communication skills enabling his participants to communicate better in order to get better results. The goal was to equip the group with necessary skills to build stronger, deeper and trust based relationships, an important skill especially in the field of foreign policy. He stressed the importance of trust building measures in professional relationships, suggesting a “formula” of credibility, reliability and inter-personal connections in order to build trust.

The seminar closed with a conclusion of Arik Segal who summed up the past meetings, asked for feedback from the participants and outlined the results gained from the workshop series in order to give the broader public an insight on the group’s view on the future of Israeli-European relations.

Seminar: Skills for YPFP in a Changing World
Eyal Gruss
Lior Shoham