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The Displaced: Disrupted Trade, Labour, and Politics in the Mekong River Basin

Read the publication that contains country-specific papers/case studies on trade, labour, and China’s growing political influence in the Greater Mekong Region today!
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New publication out now!

Transitions and Transformations- Perspectives on the Future of Work in Asia

Read the publication to find out how technology, digitalisation, and other relevant forces shape the future of work in Asia!
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Beyond Indo-Pacific, Toward Great Power Competition

With Germany having a new government, the authors offer suggestions on how Germany and the EU can progress in their Indo-Pacific policy with Japan and ASEAN nations.
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Event Report is now available!

KAS German-Japanese Economic Policy Exchange

Find out what was discussed during the very first KAS German-Japanese Economic Policy Exchange which took place on 10 February!
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Women in Japan: Updating Gender Roles in Society

Register to learn how Japan can learn from Norway in improving its gender gap.
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COVID-19 and the Future of Doing Business in Asia- Towards A Better Normal for SMEs and Workers

A follow-up to 'COVID-19 and the future of doing business in Asia', this volume is more in-depth and provides insights on policies, business strategies, & international relations.
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