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COVID-19 and the Future of Doing Business in Asia

Towards A Better Normal for SMEs and Workers

As a follow up to the 'COVID-19 and the future of doing business in Asia' which discussed how small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in selected East and Southeast Asian countries had to improve their agility, innovation, and resilience in response to the pandemic, the new volume is more in-depth and provides a more thorough discussion on the insights for policies, business strategies, and international relations. The report specifically focuses on SMEs in Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines and looks into their corresponding strategic crisis responses as they sought to ensure business continuity while concurrently protecting the welfare of their workers and adhering to the safety protocols imposed by the government.

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Table of Contents


Executive Summary

1. The Philippines Case Study

2. Thailand Case Study

3. Japan Case Study

4. Singapore Case Study

5. Multicountry Report

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Cristita Marie Perez

Cristita Marie Perez KAS

Senior Programme Manager, Regional Economic Programme Asia (SOPAS) +81 3 6426 5041


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