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KAS Japan Weekly COVID-19 Updates

by Naoki Takiguchi

14 July

The Government of Japan(GOJ) will finalize its annual policy blueprint (Honebuto) this Friday (July 17). One of the key points is the government’s digitalization, which Covid-19 is pressing. Key messages include: 1. GOJ sets another twelve months to come as a focus period for its own digitalization and intend to replace paper by online. 2. Linking social numbers allocated to all the people (My-Number System) to other information is to be considered as one way to accelerate the digitalization. 3. Lessons learned for the two decades have to be well made use of. Watch the video to learn more!

Naoki Takiguchi

Naoki Takiguchi

Senior Programme Manager, Country Programme Japan

naoki.takiguchi@kas.de +81 3 6426 5061