Digital Insights

Sustainability and Digital Innovation

Digital Insights Issue 2021

Digital innovation, new technologies and sustainability are the paramount topics of our time. The last decades cautioned humanity about the downsides of growth and development due to planetary boundaries. More and more people started realizing that our genius cannot sustain if we do not think sustainable. This volume of Digital Insights addresses the potential synergies of a sustainable and digital transformation.

E-Governance in Cambodia

Digital Insights Issue 2019

Digital Insights - E-governance in Cambodia brought together authors from all walks of life in order to explore and mature thoughts, ideas and knowledge about decisive e-government topics, which include cyber security, the role of data and trust, Facebook and service provision tailored to citizens and business needs. We hope this publication will get you involved in the topic and encourage you to not just read, but also to provide us with critical feedback and ideas in order to grow the research community! Have a good read and keep on learning, exploring and sharing!

Economic Transformation in Cambodia and Abroad

Digital Insights Issue 2018

Digitalization and new technologies also influence political and economic agendas here in Cambodia and offer numerous potentials for a multiplicity of sectors. The publication deals with this current topic and provides a platform for young Cambodian authors to share their insights, ideas and research questions. For the first time, this publication sheds light on the challenges of women in the digital economy, the role of data for enterprises, challenges of small and medium-sized enterprises, artificial intelligence in China and several other issues.

About this series

Digital Insights is the flagship publication concerning digital transformation topics of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Cambodia. The publication is published once-a-year and brings together experts, practitioners and academics from various walks of life. The vision of the project is to support research and build bridges to the application in order to create a pro human digital future.