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Preparing Cambodia's Workforce for a Digital Economy

What kind of skills do we need for a digital economy? Read more in our study "Preparing Cambodia´s workforce for a Digital Economy" written by Dr. Heng Pheakdey. The study was launched on the 26.03.2019 in Phnom Penh.
Preparing Cambodia's workforce for a Digital Economy download

What skills are going to be needed in tomorrow’s economy? This research, which surveyed 61 companies, 100 employees and interviewed business leaders, representatives from government, development partners and civil society, tries to answer this question and to contribute to a debate on how to prepare Cambodia for a digital economy. It aims to provide a greater understanding of Cambodia’s workforce therefore assesses existing skill gaps in the context of a digital economy and explores policy options to effectively equip the workforce with appropriate digital skills for enhanced workplace participation and sustainable economic productivity.


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Preparing Cambodia's workforce for a Digital Economy download

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