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Call For Proposals: News Reporting Pitch

We offer five grants of US $1000 for convincing proposals!

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Send us your pitch before the 10th April 2023!
Send us your pitch before the 10th April 2023!

About the program

“News Reporting Pitch” aims to increase the quality of output and the number of journalistic works that meet international standards. Independent and unbiased journalism of high international standards is a key pillar of democracy. To enhance democracy in Cambodia, journalists need to adopt these standards and procedures of reporting, researching, writing, and publishing an article. Therefore, KAS “News Reporting Pitch” intends to empower Cambodian journalists by linking them to a foreign journalist who is adapted to international reporting standards; thus, allowing them to write on a topic relevant to KAS’s programs, and gaining recognition by publishing their work. By doing so, “News Reporting Pitch” contributes to developing unbiased and independent media and improving journalistic standards in Cambodia. 

The program targets young journalists who have yet to gain extensive experience in their field and who are interested in writing about topics that connect to the work of KAS, namely the rule of law, digitalization, sustainability, youth empowerment, media and journalism, and international relations. 
Five grants of US $1000 will be awarded to convincing proposals of stories. 
Note: KAS expects an acknowledgement of support and funding in return. 


  • To improve the quality of Cambodia’s journalism and to increase publications following international standards
  • To encourage the coverage of topics that are vital to building a free and just society and enhance democratic values
  • To deepen the knowledge of the function of media in the democracy development process  
  • To increase the recognition and reputation of Cambodian journalists internationally 



Applications are open to teams consisting of a Cambodian and a foreign journalist who demonstrate the ability to report following international standards and who have shown an interest in reporting on topics relevant to KAS. KAS encourages pitches from freelancers and young journalists who tackle underreported narratives but is open to all proposals. 
Applicants should provide

  • A story pitch (500 words max) 
  • A work plan explaining the partnership between the journalists, how the topic is relevant to KAS, and plans of publications, including which news outlet you plan to publish your article. 
  • Two samples of stories or links to relevant work.
  • A copy of the curriculum vitae and contact information (name, email, mobile number) of both journalists. 


How to apply

Please send your pitch with a title “Proposal for KAS News Reporting Pitch 2023” to Mr. Soumy Phan, Program Manager for Media and Journalism at

Deadline for application: 10th April 2023


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Soumy Phan

Portrait Soumy Phan

Head of Communication Department and Program Manager

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