Digital Insights - Future of Work

Published by EuroCham and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung


We are looking for researchers interested in critically analysing key issues regarding the future of work in Cambodia. 


Digital Insights - Future of Work

Work is a fundamental pillar of our today societies. It is a source for identification, wellbeing and welath. Technological achievements in combination with other future trends are drastically shaping the way we work. Openness, innovation, holacracies and creativity have become the paradigm of the post 20th century world. Furtheremore, the new generation thinks, acts and behaves differently based on new values causing challenges to companies in the private sector, public sector and civil society, which are changing at different pace. Hierarchies, antiquated business processes, outdated IT infrastructure and cross generational conflicts slow down development potentials and cause frustration and anxieties on both sides, the old guards and young potentials. The next Digital Insights takes up this topic and sheds light on solutions and perspectives in order to design the future of work. 


Among the themes and questions of the next digital insights will be:

  • General trends: What is the future of work in Cambodia?
  • Adaption of organizations: How can young Cambodians adapt to the changing work landscape? What does organization have to do?
  • Policies: What kind of policies do we need to create a fair and inclusive future of work?
  • Leadership: What are current and future leadership forms in Cambodia?
  • Technology: How will / should technology change the Cambodian workplace? How can we design a human-centered future of work?


We are looking for:

- Cambodians and internationals (co-authorship with Cambodian authors) interested in digital topics (tandems with international experts are accepted as well)

- Formats: OpEds (max. 2000words), papers (max 4000words)

- Financial compensation: 500,00USD per delivered format


Important dates:

Deadline proposals 25th of April, 2021

Deadline identification and outreach 15th of April, 2021

First draft 31st of May, 2021

Final draft 30th of June, 2021

Publication August, 2021  


Our proposal criteria

- Clear and interesting working title, topic and research question

- Clear and accurate problem orientation

- Clear indication of research method (techniques and approaches)

- Captures interest of potential readers

- Good language and grammar

- Word limit of 300 words

Content and structure overview


Send the proposal to Tom Hesketh and Robert Hör


Robert Hör

Robert Hoer

Program Manager +855 87 880 994