Digital Insights - Sustainability and Digital Innovation

Digital Insight - Sustainability and Digital Innovation
Digital Insight - Sustainability and Digital Innovation

We are looking for young researchers interested in critically analysing the correlations between sustainability and digital trends in Cambodia.


The what: Digital Insights - Sustainability and Digital Innovation

Digital innovation, new technologies and sustainability are the paramount topics of our time. On one side, the last decades cautioned humanity about the downsides of growth and development due to planetary boundaries. More humans started realizing that our genius cannot sustain if we do not think sustainable. One sign of change is young people all around the world demonstrating for more climate action and a paradigm shift of governments towards more sustainable policies, means of production and behavior. Their reasons are incontestable: Oceans are massively filling up with plastic, rain forests and species are disappearing in an unprecedented way and the frustration about a political and economic elite reaches a peak and historical turning point.

On the other hand, we have seen exponential technological advances in data, robotics, artificial intelligence, mobile internet and 3D-printing enabling new forms of doing business, changing value chains and social behavior. Bringing the caution and tech potentials together leads to sustainable digital innovation. The necessity of sustainable digital innovation is reflected in manifestos like the Davo Manifesto 2020, the Global Risks Report and even dating 50 years back to the “The Limits of Growth” report by the Club of Rome. The research body and amount of researchers underlying the need for change are overarching and urging. Like so often, a new compromise has to be found reconciling diverse generations, traditional and modern values, diverging societal systems and the multiplicity of ideas.

The next digital insights will address the two mayor trends and look at the people, planet and prosperity implications. It will unveil the positive and negative links between an increase of tech and the potentials to make the Cambodian society more sustainable and resilient.


We are looking for:

- Cambodians interested in digital topics (tandems with international experts are accepted as well)

- Formats: Case studies, commentaries, success stories, research articles (3.500 to 7.000 words)

What we offer:

- access to our network and innovative trainings

- an attractive financial compensation


Deadline 01st of May 2020


Our proposal Criteria

- Clear and interesting working title, topic and research question

- Clear and accurate problem orientation

- Clear indication of research method (techniques and approaches)

- Captures interest of potential readers

- Good language and grammar

- Word limit of 300 words

Content and structure overview


Send the proposal to our program manager Robert Hör!


Robert Hör

Robert Hoer

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