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New Media Training for the CPP

Improving the Use of Social Media and Raising Awareness for the Necessity of Continuous Public Communication

On 20th-21st July 2015, a New Media Training on “Improving the Use of Social Media and Raising Awareness for the Necessity of Continuous Public Communication” will be held by KAS for selected members of the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP).


In a democratic political system it is essential for political parties to clearly communicate their strategies, objectives, platforms and policies as well as their activities at the national and subnational level to the citizens and the media. In this respect, continuous public political communication and particularly the use of social media such as Facebook have grown increasingly important for Cambodian political parties. The Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) has followed this fast growing trend of communication to reach a broad spectrum of voters. However, the party still faces challenges with their social media communication.

The training will consider recent online communication developments and aims at improving the effective use of social media as part of the overall communication strategy of the CPP. Two international experts will be present during the 2-day training to share their experiences and discuss potential improvement strategies.

The main goal of the training is to strengthen the communication between the CPP and Cambodian citizens by improving current structures and organization of the party’s Public Relations/Communication Department and to strengthen CPP’s use of social media as important part of the party’s communication tools.

By conducting this training, KAS expects better coordination and coherence of CPP’s social media appearance as well as an improved understanding on what and how to communicate party information to different target groups.

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