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Final Evaluation of Asia Urbs III Project

From December 11-21 the final evaluation of the Asia Urbs III Project will be carried out by Andrea Simon, a German evaluation expert from BBJ Consult. Asia Urbs III assists the reform of the provincial administration in Battambang and Siem Reap.


Asia Urbs - Provincial Towns in Cambodia

Final evaluation

Program for the visit of Andrea Simon

11 - 21 December 2007

Tuesday, 11 December

7.45 pm Arrival in Phnom Penh

Wednesday, 12 December

8.30 a.m. Meeting with Ruth Gruber

2.30 p.m.Meeting with H.E. Sak Setha

6.20 p.m.Flight to Siem Reap

Thursday, 13 December

8.00 a.m. Citizen’s meeting in Siem Reap with the District Governor

Afterwards: Interviews with citizens

2.30 p.m.Meeting with the District Governor

4 p.m.Visit of Tourist Information Office and meeting with Deputy

Governor in charge of Tourism

Friday, 14 December

8 a.m. Citizens meeting in Norkor Thom

10 a.m.Visit of OWSO – Interviews with customers

2.30 p.m.Visit of JPA

3.30 p.m.Meting with Birgit Schindhelm, adviser of Master Plan Team

4.30 p.m.Meeting with Thomas Heine, e-government expert

Saturday, 15th December

8.30 a.m.Visit of Rohal and Sra Srang and Floating Villages

(Road of Khmer Tradition

Sunday, 16th December

7 a.m.Departure to Battambang by boat

Monday, 17th December

8.30 a.m. Visit of OWSO – interviews with customers

10 a.m.Visit of JPA

2.30 p.m.Meeting with District Governor of Ek Phnom

(Neighborhood district)

4 p.m.Visit of Road from Temple to Temple

Tuesday, 18th December

8.30 a.m.Visit of Tourism Office and meeting with Deputy Governor in

charge of Tourism

10.00 a.m.Meeting with Walter Koditek, adviser of Master Plan Team

2.30 p.m.Interviews with Citizens in Wat Kor –

Owners of ancient houses, Commune Chief etc.

Wednesday, 19th December

8.30 a.m.Meeting with Mr. Chantra, Chief of PIO

2.30 p.m.Meeting with Mr.Uy Ry, District Governor

4 p.m.Meeting with H.E. Sien Suthang

Thursday, 20th December

8 a.m.Departure to Phnom Penh

2.30 p.m.Meeting with Mr.Meyer

Friday, 21st December

9.55 a.m.Departure to Europe

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Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Battambang


  • Andrea Simon
    • evaluation expert from BBJ Consult

      Wolfgang Meyer

      Leiter des Auslandsbüros in China (Beijing)