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Source Book for Political Parties on Energy, Environment and Climate Change

In the framework of the work of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung to strengthen young polical leaders from ASEAN on politics and policies of Energy and Climate Change, KAS Cambodia will officially launch its Source Book for Political Parties.


The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Cambodia has been undertaking a series of training workshops in 2013 to enable Cambodian political parties to introduce into their respective political party platforms their views and positions on issues related to the Environment, Energy, and Climate Change.

Beside examples of political party platforms on the Environment, Energy and Climate Change from European and Asian Parties, the publication illustrates how political parties can campaign around these issues effectively during election time.

The Source Book also offers definitions, concepts around these issues and points out the importance to analyse the three issues in an holistic and interconnected way. With increased urbanisation in ASEAN, energy supply will increase and the need for sound, sustainable solutions for reducing the effects of pollution and Climate Change will become more and more urgent. The Source Book discusses in different articles the challenges of Energy security, Climate Change and Environment in ASEAN from global, regional and local perspectives and therefore can be seen as a guidance for Political Parties in the region to formulate their policies around these issuees along different party lines and ideologies.

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