Capacity Building on ASEAN Integration

Capacity buidling for ASEAN Experts in Cambodia to improve interdisciplinary understanding of ASEAN integration processes under the current ASEAN three pillar structure.


As a current chair of ASEAN, Cambodia plays a vital role in ASEAN to facilitate and foster regional integration and cooperation. With deepened ASEAN integration in the political, security, economic, environmental and social fields, policy makers, think tanks, NGO’s, the media and businessneed to play an increasingly active role to address prospects and challenges of regional integration, to inform - in their respective role- the citizens on the benefits and impact of regional integration for their daily live and to develop a deepened understanding on the cross-sector and inter-disciplinary perspectives of the ASEAN integration process. The complexity and interdependence of economic, political, social, environmental and security patterns of regional integration is becoming increasingly visible and demand highly qualified expertise and knowledge.

Independent and balanced political analysis on the benefits and challenges of ASEAN regional integration can only be achieved if different key actors understand each others stakes, work together and develop effective networks to exchange information and experiences.

With a 3 day capacity building workshop (from the 21st to the 23rd of November 2012) for Cambodian ASEAN experts– on “ASEAN Regional Integration Process - Achievements and Challenges” Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, International Relation Institute of Cambodia (IRIC), in cooperation with Monash University in Malaysia aim to foster the understanding on ASEAN regional integration processes under the three key ASEAN pillars and aim to improve the cooperation between different "ASEAN stakeholders".

The training will focus on:

Analysis of main issues and recent developments with regards to the three community blueprints

Balancing national and regional goals

Improving communication with different sectors of society within ASEAN

Developing cross-sector policy

Exploring issues of funding

Researching with an open mind

Factoring in the extra-regional environment

Developing policy recommendations

During the training three experienced ASEAN experts will train, coach and guide Cambodian experts to develop policy recommendations for further regional integration under the three key Pillars. The results and recommendations will be presented and discussed with ASEAN representatives and representatives of the Cambodian Government during an Academic and Political Forum, “ASEAN: ONE COMMUNITY, ONE DESTINY- 4 YEARS AFTER THE PROCLAMATION OF THE ASEAN CHARTER” held on the 26th of November 2012 in Phnom Penh.

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International Relations Institute of Cambodia (IRIC)


  • Dr. Linda Quayle
    • Associate Professor of International Relations
      • Malaysia
        • Jörn Dosch
          • Professor of International Relations
            • Malaysia
              • Dr. Howard Loewen
                • Associate Professor of International Relations
                  • Malaysia

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