Beethoven Freedom Update Announcement

A joint project between Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Cambodia and German Cambodian Cultural Center will be carried out in context of lecture and the chronological exhibition of Beethoven’s life stations under the theme “Freedom is the only purpose”. The purpose of this program is to encourage and ignite the support on Cambodian freedom of expression that remarkable individual like Ludwig van Beethoven, bravely and freely expressed himself and addressed the development of society. 2020 marks 250 years of his legacy that freedom is the only purpose!


Beethoven Freedom
Beethoven Freedom


Beethoven Freedom Update Announcement


Ticket Closed!


In line with COVID-19 precautions, Beethoven 250 “Freedom is the Only Purpose” is transforming into the following:


1. The exhibition “Beethoven’s Life Stations” runs for a duration of one week, opening on the 29th of March at 6 pm and closing on the 4th of April, 2020 (Daily 6 pm – 8 pm) at the Grand Salon at Raffles Hotel-Le Royal.


2. The lecture by Dr. Andrew Filmer will be screened in the exhibition room in a loop.


3. The Piano Sonata OP8, No.13 will be postponed until 9 October at the 17th International Music Festival (9-11 October). For returning their original Beethoven 250 Ticket, visitors get a complimentary ticket for this Grand Opening Concert.


4. Also for returning your original Beethoven 250 Ticket, KAS will provide a food voucher for dining at Raffles.


5. Only up to 15 visitors can enter the exhibition room at the same time


6. Note by Raffles Hotel:  “The hotel is providing hand sanitizer in all public areas. We will ensure we have housekeeping personnel to keep the toilets and areas clean, especially door knobs and public entrance. We are encourage for a good personal hygiene for washing hands properly or sanitizes the premises several times per day. Our team always followed strict public health guidelines, sanitized and clean in public entrance, at dining table and all thing related."



Thank you for understanding, your cooperation is appreciated

Dr. Daniel Schmuecking, Country Director of KAS Cambodia

Anton Isselhardt, Head of Classical Music Department META HOUSE


Concept, Lead, Organization & Feedback:

Anton Isselhardt

Head of Classical Music Program

German Cambodian Cultural Center

Email: artplusfoundation@gmail.com


Lim Heang Heng

Program Manager

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Cambodia

E-Mail: Limheang.heng@kas.de


The event shall be accompanied by multimedia. With the registration you give your consent that the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung e.V. may use the photo and material taken before, during or after the event both in online and print format for public relations purposes.

Here you will find the program for download: Beethoven Update Announcement.pdf

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  • Dr. Andrew Filmer

    Lim Heang Heng

    Lim Heang Heng

    Programme Manager

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