Happy Birthday Late King Norodom Sihanouk (1922-2022)

Politician - King - Artist: Cambodias road to independence

This year, Cambodia celebrates the late king's 100st birthday anniversary. The late king was not just one of the most influential leaders of Cambodia in the 20th and 21st centuries but also an accomplished artist. When he led Cambodia to independence in 1953, he informed the politics, society and arts of an era. KAS and Meta House celebrate his achievements with a photo exhibition, a stage talk that discusses Cambodia's road to independence and the King's role in it and a rare performance of his own compositions for singer and piano.


Norodom Sihanouk Meta House Goethe-Institut
Norodom Sihanouk

With the King back from France in the capital 1953, a now-famous exchange between Sihanouk and General de Langlade took place.

"Sire, you have whipped me," the general said to Sihanouk during the course of his final courtesy call. "But no, General," Sihanouk replied, "I have followed as best I can the excellent tactics you taught me at Saumur. I have just behaved as a pupil worthy of General de Langlade."

When some of de Langlade's officers had suggested that Sihanouk was a "madman", the general replied,

"Gentleman, the King is mad, but he is a madman of genius!"


6:00 PM: Arrival & Exhibition

Enjoy your complimentary welcome drink and be inspired by our exhibition
Norodom Sihanouk (1922-2022)
Politician - King - Artist: Cambodias road to independence

6:30 PM: Stage Talk

Be seated and follow the stage talk
on Cambodias road to independence
with Prof. Jean-Michel Filippi from the Royal University Phnom Penh

7:00 PM: Music Performance

‘Musique et Chanson’
composed by Norodom Sihanouk
Vocal: Ros Khemarin, Piano: Issei Sakano

7:30 PM: Buffet Dinner

Enjoy the complimentary buffet dinner

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Raffles Hotel Le Royal
Phnom Penh


  • Prof. Jean-Michel Filippi
    • Royal University Phnom Penh

Soumy Phan

Portrait Soumy Phan

Program Manager