Introduction to the Guideline on Parliamentary Communication for Members of Parliament

For elected Members of Parliament and Members of the Cambodian People's Party (CPP)

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Cambodia has developed Guidelines for Parliamentary Communication, which it will introduce and discuss with Members of Parliament, Party members and Party Youth of the Cambodian People's Party.


Parliamentary democracies generally consist of several components, all of them requiring inter-linking communication processes. The main bodies in Cambodia are the Parliamentary administration (National Parliament) comprising the National Assembly of Cambodia and the Senate's Administration, Political parties (Fractions) and individual Members of Parliament. In addition, external institutions impact on the democratic process. These include national institutions, NGOs, sub-national legislatures, media and, in some cases, regional organisations (e.g. the Association of South East Asian Nations, ASEAN, of which Cambodia is a member).

The ability of these institutions to communicate to the public/citizens and the media with clarity, accuracy and timeliness both through their own individual distribution channels, and the inter-linking of such communication, is a fundamental component of a successful parliamentary democracy.

These guidelines are designed to enhance the ability of those with communication responsibilities within these organisations to better communicate to a rapidly changing electorate and civil society, driven in large part by the Internet and spread of social media tools within the parliamentary sphere, and outside of it. The playing field between the government and other external groups in society is being levelled. Out of necessity, the guidelines are both neutral and broad in nature.

The objective is to build and expand existing tools and processes by employing all communication techniques available. In fact, the imperative should be to increase connection with key audiences to ensure policy acceptance and clarity of direction. Communication is at the heart of good governance. The guidelines cover five areas of communication:

•Parliament Administration Communication Functions.

•Political Party Group (factions) Communication.

•Individual MP Communication.

•Spokespersons of the Parliament Administration and of the Political Party Groups (Fractions) and their Roles.

•Communication with External Institutions Relevant to a Parliamentary Democracy.

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