Introduction to Law

for professionals (non lawyers), National Assembly, Senate, Council of Ministers and Ministry of Women Affairs




Legal Training for Professionals (Non Lawyers) of the National Assembly, the Senate and the Royal Government

Training organization:

o4 weeks from June 20 – July 14, 2006

oplace: Senate

osessions of half days (8.00 – 11.30) – afternoons no course program

o40 participants

oCambodian and expatriate lecturers

oone topic and lecturer each morning

20/06/ 2006 Law and legal systems, sources and branches of law (Jörg Menzel)

21/06/2006History and structure of Cambodian Law (Hor Peng)

22/06/2006Group work: organization and presentation techniques (N.N.)

23/06/2006Constitutional Law I: State organisation (Kong Phallak)

26/06/2006Constitutional Law II: Fundamental Rights (Hor Peng)

27/06/2006Drafting and Reviewing of Laws (Jörg Menzel)

28/06/2006Civil Law: Contract, Torts (N.N.)

29/06/2006Family Law (Kim Sathavy)

03/07/2006Civil Law Reform (Sakano Issei)

04/07/2006Labour Law (Kong Phallak)

05/07/2006Criminal Law (N.N.)

06/07/2006Khmer Rouge Tribunal (Field Trip to Court, Reach Sambath)

07/07/2006Court Procedure (N.N.)

10/07/2006Administrative Law (N.N.)

11/07/2006Land Law (Sithann)

12/07/2006Juvenile Justice (Savady Sakhoeurn)

13/07/2006Domestic Violence (Savady Sakhoeurn)

14/07/2006The Law making process (Doris Nückel)

14/07/2006Quiz, Q&A

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Senate, Phnom Penh


  • Ms. Doris Nückel
    • Legal Advisor
      • Ministry of Women Affairs (CIM)
        • Dr. Jörg Menzel
          • Legal Advisor
            • Senate (CIM) and leading Cambodian and expatriate lawyers

              Wolfgang Meyer

              Leiter des Auslandsbüros in China (Beijing)