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Conference on "Recent Developments in Cambodian Law"

On May 27th KAF together with the Senate and CIM hosts a conference on “Recent developments in Cambodian law”. It pays tribute to the legislative work done during the past years and outlines challenges for Cambodian legislation for the coming years.

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Recent Developments in Cambodian Law

Legal and Judicial Reform for the modernization of the Kingdom of Cambodia

Conference of the Senate of the Kingdom of Cambodia

in cooperation with Konrad Adenauer Foundation and CIM

May 27, 2008

07.30 a.m.Registration

08.00 a.m.Opening ceremony

by H.E. Mr. Ouk Bun Chhoeun, Chairperson of

the 6th Commission of the Senate

Morning sessionModerator: H.E. Mr. Ouk Bun Chhoeun

08.15 a.m. “The Cambodian legal and judicial reform


by Mr. Kong Phallack, Professor of Law and

Member of the Council of Jurists

08.45 a.m. “The development of legal education”

by H.E. Mr. Tep Darong, President of the

Royal Academy for the Legal Professions

09.05 a.m. “Legal System and Reform in Cambodia:

Comparative Remarks”

Dr. Jörg Menzel, Senior Legal Advisor, Senate

09.25 a.m. Q & A

09.45 a.m.Coffee break

10.15 a.m.“The new Cambodian criminal law and criminal

procedure law”

Mr. Pierre Espieu, Magistrate, French


11.45 a.m. “The Development of the ECCC”

by Dr. Helen Jarvis, Chief of Public Affairs

Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of

Cambodia (ECCC)

11.05 a.m. “Domestic Violence and human trafficking”

Dr. Monika Lueke, GTZ

11.25 a.m. Q & A on the morning session

12.00 noon Common Lunch at the Senate

Afternoon Session Moderator: H.E. Mr. Ouk Bun chhoeun

02.00 p.m. “The new Cambodian civil law”

Mr. Sakano Issei , Japanese Cooperation

02.30 p.m. “Economic Law Reform after the WTO


by H.E. Mr. Sok Sopheak, Director General

of International Trade, Minister of the

Ministry of Commerce

03.00 p.m. Q & A

03.30 p.m. Coffee Break

03.50 p.m. “Decentralization and Administrative Law


by H.E. Sak Setha, Director General of

General Department of Administration,

Minister of the Ministry of Interior

04.10 p.m. “Reform of Public Finances”

H.E. Hang Choun Naron, Secretary General,

Ministry of Economic and Finance

04.30 p.m. “Environmental Law Reform”

by Mr. Sam Chamroeun, Director of the

Legal Affairs, Ministry of Environment

04.50 p.m. Q & A on the afternoon session

05.10 p.m. Closing remarks

by H.E. Mr. Yang Sem, Vice Chairperson of

the 6th Commission of the Senate

End of the Program

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Senate, Phnom Penh


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