Promoting Good Local Government Practices in Cambodia

KAS has invited experts from national and international agencies dealing with Decentralisation and the promotion of Local Autonomy to discuss the results of a mapping process of Good local Government Practices in Cambodia.


KAS in 2013 has initiated a project to support the documentation of local government initiatives and success stories in Cambodia.

As a first step KAS Cambodia in cooperation with a national consultant have developed criteria for good local government practices in Cambodia, followed by a mapping exercise to collect project experiences/initiatives/methodologies of local governments supported by donors, NGO's with potential to qualify for future documentation.

The workshop aims at getting feedback from different stakeholders involved in Decentralisation reform in Cambodia to comment on the Criteria for Good Practice selection, the results of the mapping process as well as to work on the establishment of a Steering Committee on the Promotion of Good local government paractices in Cambodia.

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