Citizen Advisors' Training on Victims' Participation at the ECCC

5th Group of CA Training – KID-Project ‘Victim and Witness Protection Standards for the ECCC and Beyond’

18 citizen advisors from Siem Reap province will be trained on victims’ participation at the ECCC on how to encourage victims' participation in the ECCC process. The course topics include lodging complainants and making statements as witnesses.
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Khmer Institute of Democracy (KID), Phnom Penh


  • Dr. Helen Jarvis
    • Administration Director
      • ECCCMr. Wolfgang Meyer
        • Country Rep
          • KAFMs. Dina Nay
            • Executive Director
              • KIDMs. Johanna Macdonald
                • Program Manager
                  • KIDMr. Nou Va
                    • Program Officer
                      • KID

                        Wolfgang Meyer

                        Leiter des Auslandsbüros in China (Beijing)