Training Course on Political Platform Development on Energy, Environment and Climate Change

The program aims to support political parties to address environment, energy, and climate change in their party platforms. This increased readiness is crucial in helping parties to provide the Cambodian people programmatic choices in elections.


The workshop tries to improve the knowledge and understanding of the Sustainable Development Paradigm, the concepts and policies of Climate Change, Energy and their regional, national and local implications and interdependencies.

The main focus is to strengthen the parties understanding for the importance of including the view of local civil society organisations and local governments on their experiences, challanges and suggested solutions related to energy/electricity supplies, natural resources management, environmental issues and Climate Change.

The expected results of the workshop are to distinguish the relevance of party programs and party viewpoints/identities especially on environmental issues.

The participants knowledge due to local priorities on environment, energy, electrification and adaption to Climate Change shall be enhanced.

The workshop is divided into three parts.

The first part is directed to members of the Sam Rainsy and Human Rights Party.

The second part is for the Cambodian Peoples Party and the last part is directed to the FUNCINPEC and the Nationalist Party.

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