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The 21st Law Talk

Regulating Cybersecurity in the age of digital economy: Law, Application, Challenges and Good Practices”

As digitalization and technological progress pick up speed in Cambodia, calls for a comprehensive and well-founded cybersecurity policy become louder. Nevertheless, in terms of protecting itself from cyber threats, the country is lagging behind. Hence, this year’s edition of Law Talk explores approaches taken by other countries, to promote research and constructive discussion around cybersecurity law and governance in Cambodia.


21st Law Talk
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About the Law Talk

Law Talk is an academic forum founded by Cambodian and German Professors that aims to support the

discussion and analysis of various specialized legal topics. Participants are invited from different walks of life mostly with legal backgrounds, such as academicians, scholars, researchers, students, politicians, public officers, NGO workers, embassies, and international organizations to meet and discuss particular legal matters. The Law Talk enables the group to discuss legal topics freely in the form of papers presented, open legal debates on a certain law, identify knowledge gaps, and suggest recommendations for further revision of the law. There have been various legal topics brought and discussed in each Law Talk during the past years, including the topics of Constitutional Law, legislative drafting, Labor Law, Human Rights, Environmental Law, consumer protection, and so forth. This year marks the 21st Law Talk and the focused theme is “Regulating Cybersecurity in the age of digital economy: Law, Application, Challenges, and Good Practice”.


As Cambodia is working to keep up with new technologies and the rapid pace of digitalization, it is critical that the country simultaneously works on a solid cybersecurity foundation, without which the country will be subject to a multitude of threats that can easily lurk in its cyberspace. Cambodia lags behind its ASEAN neighbours in terms of cyber governance, and there have been several major cyberattacks in the last five years. According to the National Cybersecurity Index (NCSI), Cambodia ranked 129th out of 160 countries, scoring only 15.58 out of a possible 100 points, trailing only Myanmar (10.39, or 142nd) among the other 9 AMS. This suggests that developing comprehensive cybersecurity is not only necessary but also urgent for Cambodia to prepare itself for the inevitable repercussions of its technological advancement in the digital era.

The purpose of this year's Law Talk is to explore experiences and approaches taken by other countries other than Cambodia and to promote discussion and research around Cybersecurity. 


November 19th, 2022


Angkor Miracle Resort and Spa and Via Zoom

For Whom

This event is by invitation only.  Around 40 participants and stakeholders from academia, government, judiciaries, businesses, youth representatives, and the NGOs responsible for planning, and setting up new and managing existing cyber security practices and policies in Cambodia and abroad will be invited to the conference. If you would like to express your interest and think you should be invited, you can write to 

Who will speak

The conference will be joined by key cybersecurity experts brought through KAS and our partner’s network from Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Germany, and France.  Other local subject matter experts are invited from academia and national authorities, in particular, those in charge of cybersecurity policies, and relevant local and regional agencies to speak at the 21 Law Talk. They will present illustrative practices as well as new developments in the field of cybersecurity and its significant connection to other related issues facing Cambodia. Aims and Objectives

Aims and Objectives

This event will provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of :

  1. The definition and concept of [Cybersecurity], and the significant connection between Cybersecurity and other related issues are crucial for the digital economy, a trend that Cambodia is moving toward
  2. Laws related to cybersecurity and cybercrime
  3. Rights and obligations of Government, companies and individuals related to cybersecurity and cyber operation
  4. Application of laws and challenges of Cybersecurity
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Miracle Angkor Resort, Siem Reap


  • MPTC
    • NUM
      • RULE
        • CADT
          • Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)
            • Multimedia University (Malaysia)
              • Japan Society for Security and Crisis Management (Japan)
                • University of Bremen (Germany)
                  • University Paris 13 (France)