The Polictics and Policies of Climate Change and Energy in South East Asia

Workshop for Young Political Leaders

In the framework of KAS regional activities to strengthen young political leaders from different Asian Countries, this workshop will discuss the political challenges and intruments of Energy and Climate Change in South East Asia.


Only political parties which are rooted in society and dispose of effective organizational structures are capable to fulfill their functions, consisting of aggregating and articulating social interests, developing political programmes, promoting participation and organizing the government and the opposition.

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung mission in ASEAN and in Cambodia is to strengthen the work and structures of political parties through providing trainings and thematic input for young politically active party members. The topics of Energy and Climate Change play a more and more important role for political decision makers as energy security for economic development is a key priority for many Asian developing countries. At the same time many countries in South East Asia are highly vulverable to the impact of Climate Change and have to implement already today effective measures to tackle with the negative impact of Climate Change on their economies. The workshop aims to discuss these interelated issues from a holistic perspective and tries to develop some possible solutions of how political parties can programmatcally respond to these challenges in their respective countries.

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Himawari Hotel


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