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Theoretical and comparative reviews

“Local Self-Government: Theoretical and comparative reviews” presents a study concerning constitutional and legal principles of self-government in Kosovo, Albania and North Macedonia. Moreover, it provides an extended overview concerning the principles of the European Charter on Local Self-Government and its application in the national constitutional systems. The book is available only in Albanian.
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This is a book on local self-government. It is a summary of theoretical contributions on local self-government with a special focus on the legal, comparative and jurisprudential context. The legal analysis, for the purposes of this study, is insurmountable as local self-government is primarily subject to constitutional and legal regulation respectively. Constitutional guarantees on local autonomy are evident in the Western Balkan countries and beyond. The Republic of Kosovo is no exception in this regard. The national constitutional framework for local autonomy reflects the importance attached to optimizing governance at the local and regional level (where applicable) as well as respecting the principle of subsidiarity in new democracies. In short, local self-government is one of the most important dimensions for the functioning of democracy itself and for the realization of political, economic and cultural rights of citizens and communities at the local level. Therefore, this book, through the theoretical elaboration of the notions and principles of local self-government, as well as models of local autonomy, aims to provide readers with basic knowledge in the field of local self-government and to encourage critical thinking on the problems and challenges faced by local democracies in their functioning.