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KAS Malaysia Team
KAS Malaysia Team

About us…

Freedom, justice and solidarity are the basic principles underlying the work of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS). The KAS is a political foundation, closely associated with the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU). As co-founder of the CDU and the first Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Konrad Adenauer (1876-1967) united Christian-social, conservative and liberal traditions. His name is synonymous with the democratic reconstruction of Germany, the firm alignment of foreign policy with the trans-Atlantic community of values, the vision of a unified Europe and an orientation towards the social market economy. His intellectual heritage continues to serve both as our aim as well as our obligation today.

In our European and international cooperation efforts we work for people to be able to live self-determined lives in freedom and dignity. We make a contribution underpinned by values to helping Germany meet its growing responsibilities throughout the world.

We encourage people to lend a hand in shaping the future along these lines. With more than 70 offices abroad and projects in over 120 countries, we make a unique contribution to the promotion of democracy, the rule of law and a social market economy. To foster peace and freedom we encourage a continuous dialog at the national and international levels as well as the exchange between cultures and religions.

Human beings in their distinctive dignity and with their rights and responsibilities are at the heart of our work. We are guided by the conviction that human beings are the starting point in the effort to bring about social justice and democratic freedom while promoting sustainable economic activity. By bringing people together who embrace their responsibilities in society, we develop active networks in the political and economic spheres as well as in society itself. The guidance we provide on the basis of our political know-how and knowledge helps to shape the globalization process along more socially equitable, ecologically sustainable and economically efficient lines.

We cooperate with governmental institutions, political parties, civil society organizations and handpicked elites, building strong partnerships along the way. In particular we seek to intensify political cooperation in the area of development cooperation at the national and international levels on the foundations of our objectives and values. Together with our partners we make a contribution to the creation of an international order that enables every country to develop in freedom and under its own responsibility.

…in Malaysia

The International Cooperation has traditionally been a key area of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. With its activities and projects, the Stiftung realises an active and substantial contribution to support democracies and rule of law as well as social market economy as a base for an improvement of the political, social and economic livelihood.

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung has been playing an active role in the political, economic and social transformation of Malaysia for over three decades. Together with our local partners, our goal is to contribute to this successful development by achieving the Vision 2020 of a fully developed nation.

Our thrust lies in building strong democratic institutions, a vibrant civil society, sustainable, socially and ecological balanced economic systems. In view of the cultural religious and ethnic backgrounds composing Malaysia’s society, we pursue to promote a better understanding, and thereby, contribute to ensuring harmony and peace as a cornerstone for any durable development.


The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung has organized its programme priorities in Malaysia into five working areas:

  • civil society and parliament
  • social and economic transformation
  • bilateral relations, international relations
  • security and conflict prevention
  • climate change and energy security

In implementing its project and programmes, the Stiftung cooperates with Malaysian partner organisations, such as think tanks, training institutions, government agencies and non-governmental institutions.


Our activities are funded exclusively by the German Federal Ministry for Economics Cooperation, and hereby form part of the bilateral cooperation between Germany and Malaysia.