Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung is cooperating with Malaysian partner organisations in West and East Malaysia to support the development of Malaysia.

Malaysian Institute of Defence and Security (MiDAS)

Logo of Malaysian Institute of Defence and Security (MiDAS)
Malaysian Institute of Defence and Security (MiDAS) was establilshed in 2009 under the Ministry of Defence Malaysia with the aim generate thinking and knowledge sharing based on analytical research and study on defence and security issues. The output of the institute then informs the Ministry of Defence in its policy formulation and decision making processes.
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Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia

Institute for Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia
The Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS), Malaysia’s premier think-tank was established on April 8, 1983. As an autonomous and non-profit organisation, ISIS is engaged in objective and independent policy research.It also fosters dialogue and debate among the public sector, the private sector and academia.
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Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM)

Malaysian Institute of Management Logo
The Malaysian Institute of Management is one of Malaysia's leading management institute. Since 1977, MIM has established an enviable and creditable track record in providing education, training and personal development courses and seminars on the various sectors of management. In keeping with the times, MIM will continue to provide services to Malaysian management through its membership activities and enhanced skills in the management sector through the use of information and communication technology.
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Institute For Development Studies (Sabah), IDS

Institute for Development Studies (IDS)
Established by the Sabah State Government in 1985, IDS is an autonomous, non-profit making research institute devoted to carrying out policy-oriented research on socio-economic and public administrative development issues. IDS also serves as a think-tank to the Sabah State Government. The research activities of IDS are concentrated in the areas of public policy analyses, economic forecasts and analyses, and general problem-oriented studies. The fundamental objective of IDS is to promote and develop research-based decision-making process in government with regard to policy formulation and implementation.
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Institute of Ethnic Studies or Institut Kajian Etnik (KITA)

The logo of Institute of Ethnic Studies
The Institute of Ethnic Studies or Institut Kajian Etnik (KITA) was officially established in 2007. KITA is Malaysia's only research institute that focuses on ethnic studies. Although academically, KITA has a thematic study, it draws its strength from both disciplinary studies as well as area studies, thus encouraging cross-disciplinary activities across the public, the private, and the community sector. KITA pays special attention to adopting inclusivity in its activities as its vision is towards sustaining inclusive, stable and harmonious intra-and inter-ethnic relations among Malaysians and beyond. Furthermore, the institute holds the UNESCO Chair on Social Practices in Intercultural Communication and Social Cohesion. KITA has been a partner of KAS in the fields of inclusion, security and extremism/terrorism research since 2020.
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Ungku Aziz Centre for Development Studies (UAC)

The logo of Ungku Aziz Centre for Development Studies
The Royal Professor Ungku Aziz Chair was established in 2016 at the Faculty of Economics and Administration at the University of Malaya to honour the contributions of Professor Ungku Aziz in the field of education and economic development especially rural development and poverty. The Ungku Aziz Centre for Development Studies (UAC) was created to facilitate the activities of the chair. It serves as a platform for research and teaching in the field of poverty and development studies. The establishment of the Centre is foreseen to become a critical reference point for academic work, research and consultancy for poverty and development studies to serve the academic community, the general public, policy makers and the international community.
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Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO)

Women's Aid Organisation (WAO)
Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) is one of the biggest advocates for women's rights in Malaysia and their work covers many different aspects in this regard. They are the largest service provider for domestic violence survivors in Malaysia, but WAO also advocates to improve laws and policies, to create lasting change in Malaysia's society towards a society that respects women’s rights and dignity. WAO raises awareness and attempts to change mind-sets through public education for more respect towards women. They provide legal assistance to women in navigating the justice system, and they identify gaps in public policies, and make recommendations to policy makers, to improve policies, laws and their enforcement. And WAO also engages in youth empowerment campaign as well as research projects.
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Architects of Diversity (AOD)

Logo of Architects of Diveristy (AOD)
Architects of Diversity (AOD) is a non-profit that aims to bridge communities and identity groups among youth in Malaysia for justice, peace and a sustainable future. They build spaces that facilitate interpersonal understanding and inter-group relationships through empathy and non-violent communication. AOD works towards empowering youth as leaders of multicultural Malaysia; diversity, equity and inclusion in Malaysian classrooms; eradicating identity-based discrimination in education; and building structures for inclusive democracies.
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