AZAM Integrity Ambassadors Programme

Leadership programme on integrity for youths and young professionals

As part of the National Integrity Plan and the Sarawak development plans, AZAM is organising a programme regarding current development issues and concerns in Sarawak affecting the youths and professionals.


Main topics:

  • What is integrity?

  • Integrity: global and national concerns - Sarawak's perspective

  • Vision 2020 and integrity - Sarawak's perspective

  • Sarawak State Social Agenda

  • Personal commitment and action plan

  • Political integrity

  • Integrity and crime in Sarawak

  • Integrity and sustainable development

  • Integrity case studies

  • Corporate social responsibility

  • Integrity in Sarawak - sharing of experience

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Kuching, Sarawak


Dr. Thomas S. Knirsch

Dr. Thomas S

Authorized Representative Myanmar Office +95 1 2307 -806/-807


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Malaysia Office