MIM-KAS CSR Bootcamp

Soziale Unternehmensverantwortung für KMU

MIM-KAS CSR Bootcamp is an intense basic training cum practical workshop which is specially crafted to provide a platform for SMEs and CSR practitioners in Penang to discover methods to spearhead CSR initiatives.


Bootcamp take-aways:

  • How to recognise what is CSR

  • Operational areas covered by CSR

  • How to select potential projects

  • How to counter potential internal resistance

  • How to make a CSR action plan

  • Getting to know like-minded people

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Traders Hotel, Penang


Jan Senkyr

Jan Senkyr bild

Director Indonesia & Timor-Leste / Acting head of the KAS office in Malaysia +62 21 7590-9411 / -9414
MIM-KAS CSR Bootcamp poster