The German Education Model: A Lesson for Malaysia?

16th Malaysian Education Summit 2012

As part of the 16th Malaysian Education Summit 2012 organised by Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI), ARM and KAS is collaborating to offer education strategies based on the German model and experience.


The German Education Model: A Lesson for Malaysia?

In an increasingly globalised world, future

Malaysian generations should be educated in a

wholesome way that will produce creative and

innovative minds. In this way they are equipped

to compete and collaborate with the rest of the

world. To achieve this we should be looking at

the educational experiences of other countries

that are successful and here we are looking at

the German education system, since the world is

impressed by German engineering and

technological feats.

  • What is the underlying idea that governs the German educational system?

  • What is the structure of German education system?

  • What lessons can we learn from this German education model for the reform of our education system?

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Sunway, Selangor


Jan Senkyr

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