University Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programme

Building a Sustainable Future

The MIM-KAS University Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programme is a 3-day workshop that imparts knowledge and skills about CSR to academicians and final-year students.


The programme is delivered in the form of Train-The Trainers (TTT) module with the aim to promote CSR skills to enable the participants to develop, implement and deliver CSR frameworks in the academia and in the future work places of the students.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the fundamental concepts and frameworks of CSR

  • Review best practices and trends in CSR

  • Identify key stakeholders for a CSR project

  • Plan and implement suitable basic CSR strategies

  • Develop effective engagement CSR strategies

  • Apply practical tools to assess the impact of CSR programmes

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MAHSA University, Petaling Jaya


Jan Senkyr

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Director Indonesia & Timor-Leste / Acting head of the KAS office in Malaysia +62 21 7590-9411 / -9414