6th #AfricaBlogging annual conference takes place online

African political bloggers met virtually for their sixth annual conference in October.

Participants, from 12 English- and French-speaking countries discussed topics such as Cameroon’s political situation and deliberated on the importance of blogging amid shrinking democratic spaces.

Building Media Credibility and Trust in Africa

The media's credibility crisis in Africa

Simon Allison Africa Editor of Mail & Guardian and Editor of The Continent and Amanyehun R. Sisay, publisher of the Ethiopian Business Review talk about building media credibility and trust in Africa under the moderation of KAS Media Africa Director Christoph Plate.

Health Journalism in times of Covid-19

Assessing the quality of Health Journalism in Africa.

Health Journalism in times of Covid-19

Money Matters: Newsrooms, sustainability and opportunities during a time of Covid-19

Health Journalism in times of Covid-19

Access to medicines and treatment during Covid-19 and beyond

Africa and Australia and Chinese Soft Power

Virtual conference by KAS Media Africa and the Judith Neilson Institute

Adapt or Die

Innovating in what’s left of the South African media industry

African Media Thermometer

African Media Thermometer

A series of podcasts and discussions about Health Journalism

Africa Discusses Racism

The death of the African American George Floyd has shocked many observers worldwide, who did not discuss racism as it doesn’t affect them personally. Not only in the US, but also in Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium and France did people take to the streets to protest against racism in their respective societies. But how have the events in Minneapolis and subsequent demonstrations in over 50 cities in the United States, where black people protested and put racism on the Agenda, been reflected in Africa, the continent of predominantly black people?

Radio and Pandemics: COVID-19 coverage by stations in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda

COVID-19 in East Africa: How community and vernacular radio stations are influencing social and behavioural change in East African countries