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Independent Media in South Africa: Facts or Facade?

An Analysis of the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC)

Adela King is completing her BA studies in Political Science at Central European University (CEU). As part of research at KAS Media Africa, Adela investigated the African National Congress’s (ANC) interference at the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC).

The African Dream - Meet Inspiring Entrepreneurs on the Continent

In Africa there are many innovative entrepreneurs. Two German journalists, Sophia Bogner and Paul Hertzberg, visited some of them and put together a fascinating collection of portraits. Get inspired by their stories!

Dynamics of Racism, Antisemitism and Xenophobia

The transition to democracy in South Africa coincided with the birth of the World Wide Web. Now, three decades later, the internet, and in particular social media, present critical challenges to the future of democracy here.

Greening Africa’s news deserts

The search for sustainable local media in sub-Saharan Africa

Local media play a critical role in informa-tion ecosystems, and their weakness in many African countries mirrors and reinforces social inequalities. On the continent, sustainability has been a challenge long before the rise of digital platforms and the resultant change in audience behaviour brought the issue to the fore in the Global North.

Ties that Bind

China's Party-to-Party Diplomacy in Africa

In July 2021, the Communist Party of China (CPC) celebrated its centenary anniversary. The occasion served as an opportunity to accomplish at least three important goals for the CPC. This, to mention one goal, included taking advantage of the opportunity to expand the CPC's outreach by inviting more party leaders to engage with, learn from, and dialogue with the CPC.

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China in Africa: Wielding Influence in the Age of Coronavirus

How the Chinese Communist Party Shapes Narratives and Builds Influence in Africa

The new study “Wielding Influence in the Age of Coronavirus” analyses China’s response to the Coronavirus in Africa.

Pioneers, Rebels and a few Villains

150 Years of Journalism in Eastern Africa

This 310-page publication discusses the defining moments, key events, phases and some faces and personalities that have - however differently - inspired, or contributed to, the growth of journalism in Eastern Africa since 1871. The book , spanning 13 chapters and authored by journalists from across the region, covers 16 countries.

Media and the Pandemic

Adapting to survive: Radio and digital media in Eastern Africa

Although radio is still the region’s most popular medium, legacy or traditional media houses in Eastern Africa have been facing financial challenges as a result of reduced advertisement expenditures. This, to a large extent, is a result of shifting consumer preferences to digital media.

KAS Media Africa alumni meet virtually

Fifteen young African journalists whose careers were boosted with KAS scholarships tuned in for a virtual meeting with their fellow alumni.

Wits Journalism graduates meet to discuss developments in African media

KAS launches “Hounded: African Journalists in Exile” in Nairobi

The new book includes accounts of 16 journalists from West, Central, East and Southern Africa.

On March 16, KAS Media Africa played host to almost 40 people to launch a new book in Nairobi.