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Conference on Social Media Networks

The challenges of and with social media in Sub-Sahara Africa

KAS Media Africa is due to host a conference on social media networks – gathering almost 20 experts from across the continent, the US and Europe. The conversations will explore various issues – such as hate speech and misinformation that have been enabled or worsened by the proliferation of the world’s social media giants, their owners and the billions of people who use them. At the conference, the participants will discuss the legal landscape in various jurisdictions, and the moderation of unlawful and dangerous content on these platforms.

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Over the last decade, the face of news and media has changed greatly. Not only has print media suffered a lethal blow in many regions, but social networks have mushroomed and established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the news space. The advent of giant social networks such as Facebook and Twitter has had both a positive and negative impact on the way the global community interacts with information.

Due to weak and absent legislation addressing social media platforms in many countries, we continue to witness misinformation and disinformation campaigns, election corruption, unlawful surveillance of citizens and ethnic violence, to name but a few.

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