Crisis and War Reporting Conference

Changing Narratives: Crisis and war reporting in and about Africa – 25 years after the genocide in Rwanda

KAS Media Africa is hosting a 2-day journalism conference on crisis and war reporting in and about Africa, featuring renowned international speakers like Michela Wrong (UK), Jean-Philippe Rémy (France), Catherine Gicheru (Kenya), Mel Bunce (UK) and Sheila Kawamara (Uganda).


Crisis reporting in Africa has always been a daring and daunting task, it has to balance the description of horrors as well as explain the circumstances. The genocide in Rwanda in 1994 set new, gruesome standards. Thereafter many western media measured new conflicts in Africa by comparing them to the events that took place from April to July 1994. Crisis fatigue set in, both in international media as well as on the continent. A quarter of a century later, many western media outlets have closed their offices in Nairobi and Abidjan. Some have left the continent altogether, while others now work with freelancers.

The conference on 25 years of reporting crisis and war in Africa will analyze the events then and the path that media reporting on conflict in Africa has taken since. It will look into the future of war and conflict reporting on Africa and within Africa. The conference brings together media experts and academics from Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

Participation is free but registration is essential, please RSVP by 16 November to KASmediaafrica.registration@kas.de or call +27 (0) 11 214-2900

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The Johannesburg Holocaust & Genocide Centre
1 Duncombe Rd,
2193 Forest Town, Johannesburg
South Africa
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Johannesburg, South Africa


Changing Narratives: Conference on Crisis- and War-reporting
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