E-lection Bridge Academy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

KAS Media Africa has invited a dozen young politicians to learn about political communication.


A dozen young politicians from across Anglophone Sub-Saharan African have been invited by KAS Media Africa to the E-lection Bridge Academy in Addis Ababa to help them sharpen their political communication skills and use social media as a communication tool.


At this workshop, our trainer Heather Thuynsma will train the participants on the most important features of contemporary political campaigning, namely, organising and managing an electoral campaign, developing an electoral campaign strategy, developing and communicating a political message, understanding and taking into account the concerns of the voter in the political message and responding to fake news in the political message.


During the workshop there will be practical exercises to help the attendees put into practice the knowledge they gain. After the workshop, there will be a nine-week online training programme after which, the participants will receive certificates of completion.

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  • Heather Thuynsma
    • Politics Lecturer at University of Pretoria & Developer of E-lection Bridge Academy online curriculum