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E-lection Bridge Africa

The 6th KAS E-lection Bridge conference brings together leading campaign experts from sub-Sahara Africa and Germany to build a bridge between players in modern political communication – and provide a forum to share ideas, practices and successes.

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Change in technology and content mean challenges for political campaigning in Africa. Also in Germany, stakeholders are continually discussing and trying out new instruments of political communication. Based on the idea of sharing knowledge, this year’s E-lection Bridge in Accra once again provides a platform for exchange.

Experts from Germany and Africa will take turns providing information about the digital state of affairs via short interviews suitable for viewing on the internet and cell phone.

“KAS E-lection Bridge Africa” conferences have taken place in Ghana, Tanzania, Namibia, South Africa and Senegal.

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Accra, Ghana


Christian Echle

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Head of the Department Asia and Pacific +49 (0) 30 26996 3534
E-lection Bridge Africa KAS Media Africa

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