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Joburg Radio Days 2013

For the fourth time Joburg Radio Days bring together delegates from different radio branches. As Africa’s leading conference on radio it supports local and international cooperations and facilitates an exchange for experts from different continents.

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In panel discussions and workshops, a wide range of topics on the current media landscape on the continent will be discussed. Among them are the situation of radio stations in conflict zones, technical developments as well as the challenges and opportunities for online and social media. Especially in Africa, where radio, on the one hand, is seen as the most important medium but also often has to grabble with strict regulation measures on the part of the government, an exchange like this is of great significance.

The event is organised yearly by the Wits Radio Academy, with on-going support from the KAS Media Africa. Again, the Joburg Radio Days will take place at the Wits Club at Wits University in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Well-known local and international speakers such as Soli Philander, founder of the south African online radio station The Taxi, or Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s James O’Brien will give an insight into their activity.

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Johannesburg, South Africa


Christian Echle

Christian Echle bild

Head of the Department Asia and Pacific +49 (0) 30 26996 3534
A delegate from Zimbabwe demonstrates the Chinese-made wind-up radio. Liesl Frankson

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