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KAS E-lection Bridge Academy 2014

For the second time the E-lection Bridge Academy took place in Kampala, Uganda. It is a sidekick of the E-lection Bridge conference and tries to train the participants in advance to that on topics as political communication and inner party democracy

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The main focus in this year's E-lection Bridge Academy was how to improve the election results as well as learning how to use traditional media as well as social media for political campaigns. To enhance the exchange and the learning progress KAS Media Africa established a e-learning programme that will help the participants to improve their skills on media issues.

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Kampala, Uganda


  • Heather Thuynsma
    • Thuynsma & Associates
  • Christian Echle
    • Leiter KAS Medienprogramm Afrika
  • Elke Erlecke
    • Leiterin PDWA

Christian Echle

Christian Echle bild

Head of the Department Asia and Pacific +49 (0) 30 26996 3534

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