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KAS/NSJ Media Training Series: Reporting National & International Economics


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Held in Tanzania, the National and International Economy course (the second in the KAS/NSJ Series) aimed to prepare twenty hand-picked journalists to analyse national and international economic trends and report them skilled and accurately.

Using a combination of classroom based teaching, excursions, practical writing exercises and distance assignments the course looked at the following topics:

  • Basic Economics for journalists;
  • Introduction to microeconomics;
  • the national debt;
  • global economic institutions and the economics of corruption, among others.
Concepts that were covered included: national and international accounts and inflation, the role of government, balance of payments, exchange rate regimes, money and monetary policy, business cycles, government economic policies.

From macro-economic issues, the programme then turned to the business of covering business - reporting on companies, national banking systems and the stock exchange.

Subjects remaining in the series include science and technology reporting, media management and research, training of trainers, media policy and reporting Africa.

All participants in the series were chosen in 2003.

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Dar Es Salaam


Gaby Neujahr

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Former Head of the Media Programme Sub-Sahara Africa