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Media and Migration: Telling Moving Stories

KAS Media Africa, in associated with the Institute for the Advancement of Journalism (IAJ) will host the conference at the Johannesburg Holocaust and Genocide Center and it will be attended by journalists and researchers working in the area of migration. It will focus on media reporting on migration and refugees and how the narratives, attitudes and debates differ in the various regions of Africa and Europe.


Media reporting about migration and flight in different parts of Africa and Europe tends to be very nationally or regionally orientated, hardly ever looks at the debates elsewhere. South Africa is not taking note of migration in other parts of the continent, where migration has always been an occurrence or the debate in Europe. This is partly due to limited resources and a growing xenophobia.

East Africa has been used to migration and the influx of large groups of refugees, be it in Kenya, Uganda or Tanzania, refugees and their cultures are part of their national identities.

In West Africa migration has always been there, yet, the flight from religious conflicts in Nigeria and language wars like in Cameroon makes the topic politically highly sensitive.

Media reporting in Europe is powered by the fear, that all Africa intends to migrate across the sea, an almost complete lack of knowledge for the diversity of Africa and its refugee problem.

The two-day-conference will bring together senior media people and experts on migration from Germany, Switzerland, Kenya, Uganda, Togo, South Africa to discuss the terminologies and stereotypes that are being used and debate ways how to overcome the rather simplistic approach when it comes to describing and analyzing refugees and migration.

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The Johannesburg Holocaust & Genocide Centre
1 Duncombe Rd,
2193 Forest Town, Johannesburg
South Africa
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Media and Migration: How the story is being told: In late May 2019, Johannesburg played host to the Media and Migration Conference to share insights about ethical reporting in this area.
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