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Power Reporting 2014

The African Investigative Journalism Conference.

The watchdog role of the media is an important element of democratic societies. That is why in 2014, KAS Media Africa once again supports "Power Reporting" - a conference for every journalist who wants to improve his or her investigative skills.

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Successful investigative journalists possess many skills. Whether it involves following the money, using data, telling stories, using a computer as a research tool, making a freedom of information request, knowing media law, finding sources, or developing interviewing techniques – this conference will show you ways to improve your abilities in these and many other fields.

Participants of this year’s Power Reporting conference will be attending sessions, speeches and debates, touching upon a wide range of topics. There will be workshops on reporting the mining industry, turning your local environmental problem into global news, on how to protect yourself and your sources as well as on the use of twitter for investigations.

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Wits University, Johannesburg


  • Anya Schiffrin
    • Brant Houston
      • Daniel Ohman
        • David Fig
          • Jock McCulloch
            • Mae Azango
              • Ron Nixon
                • Tobore Ovuorie

                  Christian Echle

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                  Head of the Department Asia and Pacific

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