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Development Journalism

An Introduction

This textbook provides a comprehensive tool kit for the understanding and the practice of development reporting. Each of the six chapters focuses on specific aspect of the journalistic genre. Easing the reader into the subject area by essaying the goals of development journalism and exploring some of the important debates surrounding the issue, the book sketches the changing landscape of development reporting in the region.

It also offers insightful discussions of the concept’s underlying rationale as well as the significant role that has emerged for electronic and online media.

Subsequent chapters provide practical tool kits for development news reporters. These include useful information on skills for writing and research. The discussions in this comprehensive textbook help enable journalist to avoid dependence on official sources in gathering and presenting development news and to ensure the integrity of their work. The textbook also discusses more recent challenges to development writing such as the impact of globalization or of technological advancements. (From the foreword)