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KAS Comic Book “The Truth Hunt: A Dangerous Investigation in the Balkans“

by Stanislava Madoleva
In the new publication of the KAS Media Programme SEE a young journalist and her older colleague work up the courage in a struggle for the truth to uncover a complicated corruption case.

The KAS comic book “The Truth Hunt: A Dangerous Investigation in the Balkans“ by the Media Programme South East Europe focuses on media freedom and specifically on investigative journalism in South East Europe. It aims to draw the public’s attention to the importance of press freedom in an accessible and entertaining way. Moreover, the comic book serves as an innovative format to spark a conversation about the important, yet often marginalised topic of censorship and increase the social awareness on the matter by voicing the risks journalists face in the Balkan region.

With the publication of this comic book, which was created by the graphic artist Ralitsa Tchobanova and the journalist Alexia Petrova (both from Bulgaria), the KAS Media Programme wants to raise awareness about the situation of media professionals in South East Europe and strives to improve the working conditions of journalists in the region.

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The book is available as a free e-book here.


The comic book was presented on the 31st of March in front of a broad audience. The follow-up discussion with five well-known Bulgarian journalists focused on the real experiences of investigative journalists and the role of investigative journalism in Bulgaria.

More information about the presentation of the comic book you can find here.