Event Reports

Social network filter bubbles isolate the online users

by Ivanina Georgieva

The third edition of the "Adenauer Media Online Training" focused on algorithms in social networks

The trainers Tatjana Ljubic and Stefan Janjic from Serbia explained with the help of various graphics and videos how social networks influence and partly control our lives today.

The content in social networks, but also web search results, are adapted to the needs and interests of the users through precise web personalisation. The online users are only supplied with relevant content matched to their user habits. This leads to the formation of a so-called filter bubble or information bubble, which causes intellectual isolation. Tatjana Ljubic: "Although we live in a completely interconnected world where communication and information flows are shorter than ever, we isolate and limit ourselves. We live in parallel worlds that are built and maintained by our user patterns".

In the second part of the training, Stefan Janjic presented how negative news content influences our perception and what the so-called "mean world syndrome" is. With the help of the interactive presentation tool "Mentimeter" and a short survey, the participants were made aware of how much they are influenced by news content. It is very important to deal with web applications, social networks, search engines and the way how they work. Only in this way it is possible to consume digital content in a responsible way. Janjic also pointed out that it is hardly possible to stay away from such operating models and that it is now up to the users to protect themselves from isolation as much as possible.

We would like to thank the trainers for the interactive seminar and all participants for their active participation!

The KAS Media Programme South East Europe is planning further series of seminars next year.