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The Present and Future of Multilateralism

Autumn Youth Forum 2021

For some years now, multilateral organizations have come under increasing pressure, the order of multilateralism has lost its binding effect without other binding regulations taking its place. What does this mean for stability in Europe? What role do Russia and the EU play in multilateral systems? What are the prospects for multilateralism? These questions among others were discussed at the Autumn Youth Forum 2021.

For the second time, the Multilateral Dialogue Vienna invited young experts in the field of security policy and external relations from Germany and the Russian Federation to jointly discuss important topics. These meetings, besides an exchange of experts, aim at creating a mutual understanding and trust. Furthermore, these gatherings offer an excellent opportunity to facilitate long-term sustainable contacts, overcoming borders.

This year, the Autumn Youth Forum took place in Vienna in mid-October 2021, jointly organised with AEAC, the Russian Association on Euro-Atlantic Cooperation. The focus of this year's Autumn Youth Forum comprised 'the present and future of multilateralism', conveying knowledge on the multilateral organisations in Vienna, including the functioning of these organisations, their mission and vision and current challenges. For some years now, multilateral organisations have come under increasing pressure. The focus on the discussion contained the question, which respective roles could the EU and the Russian Federation play in multilateral organisations and where to find common interest. Topics, such as arms control, the German-Russian relations, the European security architecture, and migration were discussed. 

Talks were held between the participants and diplomatic representatives as well as representatives of international organisations. The premises of the United Nations were visited. The most exciting part contained a workshop, where the participants tried to answer the main question, why no progress was done in the current German-Russian relations, taking up the role of the other side.  

The Multilateral Dialogue Vienna will continue bringing together young experts from different backgrounds to jointly find answers to the most pressing geopolitical questions.


Claudia Crawford

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Head of KAS Office Multilateral Dialogue KAS in Vienna

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