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Filming of short films for the "One World - No Hunger" Project at Ondangwa, Oshana Region

by Stefanie Braun

"One World -No Hunger:Strengthening Womens's Land Ownership and Land Use Rights in Sub-Saharan Africa"

To make the "One World - No Hunger" workshops more lively, 10 short movies were produced in a traditional village near Ondangwa in the northern part of Namibia from the 5th -9th of February 2018.

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The film set was a traditional homestead and 5 actors from the area were part of the filming crew.

Videos will be used as training materials during the workshops and they will be produced in Oshiwambo.

10 short movies cover the following subjects:

1.Customary Practices

2.The Traditional Authorities Act

3.Human Rights & the Namibian Constitution

4.The Namibian Constitution

5.Gender Equality

6.Marriage Regimes

7.How to write a will

8.What is a communal Land Board

9.How to apply for communal land

10.False Information about the communal land reform act.

At the same time the crew produced a 15 minutes movie based on the theatre drama "A land for women” which will be broadcasted in English on NBC TV.

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