Country Reports

Current problems in Nigeria

by Klaus Paehler
Topics: violent incidents in Nigeria´s north; ongoing crisis in the Niger Delta gets worse; avian influenza now also in Nigeria

Violent incidents in Nigeria´s north

Violent conflicts with a religious component currently took place in several states in the north of Nigeria.

Ongoing crisis in the Niger Delta gets worse

The situation becomes even more difficult for the President because of the latest developments in another one of Nigeria´s hot spots, the Niger Delta, of which more than 98% of Nigeria´s oil production derive from . Even though the Nigerians are already used to ongoing kidnappings of employees of oil companies the incidents of the last few days mark a distinctive escalation of this “Nigerian normality”.

Avian influenza now also in Nigeria

Problems of a very different source but not less teateningly raises the avian influenza, which was currently diagnosed in Nigeria as the first African country that is burdened with the H5N1 virus.

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