The current situation in the euro zone – explained to our Nigerian listeners

"Vision Nigeria" by KAS

Can Greece be rescued? Is there a future for the Euro? Not only Europe is worried but also the countries of the “Third World”.


Only few experts in Nigeria understand what is happening in Europe at the moment. On a daily basis alarming news about rescue packages worth billions of Euros are arriving.

„Are there also consequences for us?“ are Nigerians asking worriedly.

Economist Prof. Heinz-Dieter Wenzel explains in the KAS radio programme “Vision Nigeria” the current situation in the euro zone and answers questions of our listeners. Prof. Wenzel former held the Chair for economics, in particular finance, at the University of Bamberg.

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  • Prof. Heinz-Dieter Wenzel
    • Universität Bamberg

      Dr. habil. Klaus Paehler